🤔 Are the hassles of property management preventing you from buying your first investment property?                   

🤔 Already have a small real estate portfolio, but struggle dealing with tenants?                                                           

🤔 Do you hate paying a big chunk of your profits to a property manager who you think is not adding much value?

🤔 Would you like to learn how to put the right systems and teams in place in order to maximize and optimize your real estate portfolio to scale?                                                                                                                                     

When I started investing in 2015, I bought my first 3 rental units. I made a ton of mistakes. I did not have a team. I was not screening my tenants properly. I was not getting paid every month. In 2017, I was sick and tired of only managing these three units, driving to the units and fixing things up myself, having the wrong tenants,  and not making enough money, barely breaking even! Since I was working a full time job and the three units were consuming so much of my time I was ready to sell everything and give up. Instead, I decided to get serious, take action and treat my rental units as a business.  I bought 3 more units that year, began building a team through trial and error, invested time and money in putting together systems and processes in place, and became a top rental agent in Boston and learned the tenant/landlord psychology for success. Over the three years of my real estate investment "internship" I lost hundreds of hours and $50,000+ in lost revenue and paying the wrong people. Looking back, had I applied the 4-Step to my three units, I would have gone from barely breaking even to $1000+ cash flow per month with less stress and putting in less time. Today, I successfully manage 16 units with an average cash flow of $6,000/month. Using my 4-Step System, I have eliminated time-consuming inefficiencies and enjoy my life with my wife and young son.

Come learn the 4-Step system from me LIVE! Zoom Training Sessions will take place from 6PM to 7PM ET on January 12th, January 19th, January 26th and February 2nd. The sessions will be recorded and stored for your convenience if you cannot make the live training.


      Yes, being a landlord and managing your properties requires a certain  mindset.​ Do you get angry when your tenant doesn't pay you by the first of the month? Do you get frustrated when your realtor brings you the wrong tenant? How about when your plumber doesn't show up during the scheduled time?  ​Overcoming emotional rollercoasters is an important component to being a successful investor.


                                                   ✅ STEP 2- WEEK 2- THE EASY WAY TO SCREEN AND ACCEPT THE RIGHT TENANTS

       The secret to predictable monthly cash flow is your tenants. Have you been asking the right pre-screening questions? Asking only the basic questions will not result in bringing the right tenants to see your vacant unit.



       Your go-to plumber, electrician, handyman, realtor, accountant, attorney, etc., will make or break the relationship with your tenants and your business. Do you know when you have found the right team? Settling with just anyone is not the right approach



       The old way of getting paid in cash is dead, how to transition to a speedy and effortless transaction. How do you organize each property's expenses? How do you organize the requests and messages from your tenants?​ Not having systems and processes in place will make you give up and sell.


LIVE Trainings will take place from 6PM-7PM on January 12th, January 19th, January 26th and February 2nd. They will be recorded and  stored for your convenience if you cannot make the live training.





       Be part of a private community of like-minded landlords, that are committed to growing and managing their Real Estate Portfolio. This alone is worth thousands in value..


Who should sign up for this program?

Action-Takers, and the kind of people who want to GROW! Just as I didn't give up in 2017, you shouldn't either.

People who want to earn more from their properties and are willing to learn the right way. I went from a few hundred dollars per month in 2015 to $6000 per month in passive cash flow.

Those who want to leverage their time and do not want to unclog their tenants' toilets.

This program is not designed for people who have larger portfolios of 20+ units. This program will work best for 1-16 units, larger portfolios should use a property manager.




Mindset is everything. Develop your success mindset and success is inevitable.

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